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Refund Frequently Asked Questions

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Refund Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my refund?

We aim to refund runners within 60-90 days depending on which site and/or which payment method you used to register for the event.

We are working hard to ensure that everyone who has registered for Borneo Marathon 2020 will get their refund in due time. We seek your patience and understanding as we carefully go through the large volume of refunds.

How will I receive my refund?

BM2020 website / Ticket2u

If you (the ticket buyer) paid via our website and online ticketing partner, Ticket2u platform ( by online banking, credit card, debit card or e-wallet, the refund amount will be paid into the buyer's savings/current bank account.

Ticket2u will email you a notification about the refund and its procedures in the near future. You will be requested to provide your banking details by filling out an online form.

We seek your patience in waiting for Ticket2u's notification. Thank you.

Great Borneo Series

If you paid via the Great Borneo Series platform (, we will be in touch with you to obtain your banking details for the refund.

World’s Marathons

If you paid via the World’s Marathons platform (, we will be in touch with you to obtain your banking details for the refund.

Cash or Other channels of payment

A. If you registered and paid for BM2020 at our booths below, we will be in touch with you to obtain your banking details for the refund:

  • Bintulu Half Marathon 2019
  • Kuching Marathon 2019
  • SHAREDA Propex 2019
  • B. All other methods of registration and payment that are not mentioned above, please contact An administrator will assist you.

    Why is 7% deducted from the fees I paid?

    The 7% is an administrative fee charged by the administrator, website provider or payment gateway to handle and process your refund.

    I have paid the BM2020 registration, but I have also paid for photos/transportation/donation. Is the 7% administrative fee based on the amount paid for registration fee AND photo/transportation /donation?

    The 7% is based on the final amount you paid.

    Keep the registration fee, but can you give me my entitlements i.e. T-shirt & Medal?

    Fortunately, orders for t-shirts, medals, bibs etc were not yet made, therefore we are able to provide you a refund instead.

    Can I get a written confirmation on the BM 2020 cancellation so that I can seek refund from airlines / hotel?

    You may write in to to obtain your written confirmation.

    When will Borneo Marathon 2021 be held?

    To be confirmed. Please check our website and Facebook page from time to time for updates.

    Why don’t you just carry forward the registration fee to next year’s Borneo Marathon?

    We appreciate your loyalty with us. As a gesture during these trying times, we feel obligated to return the fees to you. We look forward to having you again next year.

    Instead of the refund, can I donate my registration fees to the charities supported by Borneo Marathon?

    Yes. For those who paid directly via Ticket2u platform, Ticket2u will email you a notification about the refund and its procedures. On the refund page, there will be a ‘Donate My Registration Fees’ option which will take you to the donation page.

    For those who paid by any other method or platform (besides Ticket2u), if you have not been contacted by our Borneo Marathon secretariat, please drop us an email at to let us know that you would like to opt for donation instead of refund.

    Thank you for your donation. Your contribution will help ease the burden faced by these charities in the hard and challenging times ahead.

    How can I register as a volunteer for next year’s event?

    Send us an email at

    Register Now