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unicef for every child


This year, we run in solidarity to promote healthy eating practices and dietary habits among children and adolescents.

Why does this matter?

Malaysia is one of the fattest countries in ASEAN, where 4 out of 10 Malaysians are overweight and 13.3% of Malaysians are obese1. Child (5-19 years old) obesity in Malaysia is second highest in ASEAN, after Brunei and Malaysia is in fourth for child overweight prevalence in ASEAN2.

Why Does This Matter

Here are some alarming facts about Teen’s eating patterns (according to the Institute of Public Health and Ministry of Health Malaysia)

How Teens Eat

Why does this matter? Well obesity can have a significant effect on children’s health and well-being, affecting their performance in school, socially and their overall self-esteem. If a child is overweight now, the child is more likely to be obese as an adult if changes are not made to their eating and living habits.

The UNICEF Borneo Marathon is calling on all of YOU to help promote …

UNICEF is currently working with the Ministry of Health to promote healthy eating habits among children and adolescents. Please join our rally to make Malaysia healthier. Our children’s health is Malaysia’s future.

1Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Tackling Obesity in ASEAN: Prevalence, impact, and guidance on interventions, 2017
2World Health Organization, ‘Global Health Observatory Data Repository: Prevalence of overweight, age standardized’


Run & Fun with UNICEF Malaysia


On top of running for this cause with us, you can also click here to join UNICEF’s Simply Giving fundraising page to be an advocate and fundraiser for UNICEF!

All you need to do is click here to join UNICEF’s Simply Giving fundraising page! We need YOUR support with helping children and adolescents to eat and grow healthier, so they can reach their full potential. Simply click here to be a fundraiser.

You can download our fundraising pack here for more information on becoming a UNICEF fundraiser too.


2. Join The #KurangManis Challenge

Make a pledge and nominate others to join

Step 1: Make an online pledge to join the #KurangManis challenge

Step 2: Nominate a friend or family member to join you

Step 3: Share videos, pictures and posts using the hashtag #KurangManis to encourage others to join in the challenge!

Check out entries on the UNICEF Malaysia Facebook page!

3. #ImSweetEnough Recipe Contest

Submit your #ImSweetEnough Recipe for the chance to win a prize

Step 1: Cook your favorite #ImSweetEnough recipe that promotes healthy Malaysian cooking

Step 2: Take a picture of you with the dish and submit the photo and recipe to UNICEF Malaysia via for the chance to win amazing prizes!

Duration: 4th April – 31st May 2019

Prize: The top 3 recipes will win a RM200 online shopping voucher each

We need YOUR support with helping children and adolescents to eat and grow healthier, so they can reach their full potential.


1. UNICEF Borneo Marathon School Outreach Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Over 6,800 students across 11 schools (primary and secondary) in Kota Kinabalu and Tamparuli District participated in ‘#KurangManis because #ImSweetEnough – healthy eating’ outreach sessions. The outreach sessions are a joint initiative between the Borneo Marathon and UNICEF and were conducted in March and April. The UNICEF Borneo Marathon school outreach team used games, activities, and exercises to engage the students on the importance of ‘suku suku separuh’ (quarter quarter half) in a plate to show the importance of balanced meals, and reducing their sugar intake by making good decisions in the choice of beverages. The students had loads of fun mixing teaspoons of sugar into a jug of water, to replicate the amount of sugar in carbonated soft drinks!

Dexter, 14 years old, shared it was his first time attending a ‘healthy eating’ session. He says he now understands the importance of decreasing his high sugar intake and aims to pay more attention to eating fruits and vegetables daily as part of his personal healthy eating plan.

Liew, 10 years old, shared she will inform her mother of the importance of a balance diet. She is also now more aware of how a high sugar intake can lead to diabetes and plans to make sure she eats healthy every day.

We can’t wait to run in solidarity with these students to promote the importance of healthy eating! #ForEveryChild - a healthy life.

2. Healthy Eating Top Tips

#KurangManis Challenge

Top Tips On Eating and Drinking Less Sugar

Eat Balanced Meals

Don't Skip Breakfast

Don't Eat Heavy Meals After Supper